Why you need a broker that focuses on Construction

You’re in a risky business, and you need insurance that is right for and properly protects your construction business.

Construction Insurance

From cyber threats, contractors ‘all risk’ policies, through to performance bonds, plant and indemnity cover, the risks and worries can be daunting, unclear and stressful.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

After carefully learning about your business, our construction insurance team will ensure you have the effective policies to shield you from external and internal threats.

We take the time to understand the demands placed on your business by contract conditions and can respond to unusual requests and circumstances quickly and efficiently.


Specialist Assessments

Really understanding your activities and unique insurance needs means you can sleep at night knowing you have relevant cover to keep your construction business protected.

That understanding is not learnt from a policy or a book. It’s based on years and years of working in the construction market, successfully dealing with big risks and big claims. We can use our experience to carefully offer relevant policies.

Working with you at every stage of a project, from design through to construction, means we will completely understand your insurance needs and adapt quickly as you grow and develop. We know insurance needs change as a project develops and we will work hard to give you on-going peace of mind, and leave you to focus on running your business.

The Right Cover at the Right Price

Similarly, you won’t be paying for insurance you simply don’t need. In our hands your construction insurance will evolve as your business develops, giving you real peace of mind.

So speak to us. We’re ready to listen. We’re ready to help.

We’re ready to provide you with tailored construction insurance to protect your valuable business.

Many thanks to Steve and his team at AJIBL who have handled our insurance requirements over the past three years in a timely, efficient and professional manner. During this period we made two theft claims which AJIBL handled on our behalf including the negotiations with our insurance company to our complete satisfaction and with the minimum of disruption to our business.

Brokers such as AJIBL are rare in that they understand our business, provide us with the necessary back up in times of trouble.
By handling claims in an efficient manner and provide us with competitive premiums with alternative options in order that we can make the right decisions at the right price.”

David Bryson F.C.C.A.
Financial Director
Smith Brothers Stores Ltd