Risk Management

risk management

Reducing your risks

Impaqt brings together market leading health & safety advice and HR support, that dovetails your business insurance program to provide you with comprehensive cover, giving you total peace of mind.

Our expert risk management team work closely with you to identify, assess and mitigate potential business and personal risks, providing guidance and tools you need to safeguard your investments and interests.

Industry leading experts

A health and safety and HR programme that provides peace of mind that your people and business are adequately protected, with risk being appropriately managed through our competent experts.

Reduce time and costs

Business insurance cover with Anthony James can be dovetailed to ensure that risk is managed and offset through appropriate cover.

Greater defence

With our health & safety and HR standards in place, this reduces your exposure to claims occurring and improves your defence if claims do occur. As a result, this can be put to your insurers, with financial contributions or savings being obtained to help offset the cost of the risk management programme.

Enhanced risk management

An intelligent programme that provides greater peace of mind and enhanced risk management, ensuring you and your business are better protected

Let us handle your insurance and risk program. We’re ready.

Lovely words from
happy clients

Since working with Impaqt we have used the full scale of their HR services, including looking for help with general advice like sickness, Covid-19, holidays etc. Any question I have had, no matter how small or even if it was to make sure I was along the right lines, I always call Impaqt.

Raffaele Russo, Loc8me

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Let us handle your insurance and risk program. We’re ready.