Commercial 20 December 2023
'closed for the holidays' sign on the front window of a business, with a reef on the side.

Businesses across the globe are gearing up to close their doors for a well-deserved break. For many, the Christmas period involves a 10-day hiatus, which brings about unique challenges in terms of risk management. Below are 10 ways you can fortify your commercial property against unforeseen incidents such as theft, vandalism, or weather-related damage.

1. Conduct a Security Assessment

Conduct a thorough security assessment of your premises and identify vulnerable areas, assess the current state of security systems, and determine what may need attention. Your insurance broker may assist with how to conduct a thorough and appropriate assessment.

2. Upgrade Security Systems

Upgrade security systems to meet current industry standards. This may include installing high-resolution surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and alarms. Ensure that these systems are monitored and can be remotely accessed, to provide real-time alerts if any suspicious activity is detected.

3. Well-Lit Exterior

Adequate exterior lighting is a simple yet effective deterrent against criminal activity. Ensure that all entry points, parking areas, and surrounding spaces are well-lit. Consider installing motion-activated lights to draw attention to any unusual movements.

4. Access Control Measures

Implement access control measures to restrict entry to authorised personnel only. This may involve key card systems, biometric access, or secure locks on doors and windows. Regularly update access credentials and immediately revoke access for employees who no longer require it.

5. Secure Entry Points

Reinforce entry points such as doors, windows, and loading docks. Ensure that all locks are in good working condition and consider upgrading to more robust and tamper-resistant options. Window security film can also be an added layer of protection against break-ins.

6. Inventory and Asset Management

Take inventory of valuable assets and equipment within the commercial premises. Secure smaller items in locked cabinets and consider implementing tracking systems for more expensive equipment. This not only deters theft but also facilitates the recovery of stolen items.

7. Emergency Response Plan

Develop and communicate an emergency response plan to all relevant personnel. Include contact information for key personnel, security providers (including your insurance broker), and local authorities.

8. Weather-Proof Your Property

This may include checking and repairing the roof, ensuring proper insulation, and safeguarding pipes against freezing temperatures. Preventing weather-related incidents reduces the risk of insurance claims and associated costs.

9. Employee Training on Security Protocols

Educate your employees on security protocols and encourage them to follow established procedures. This includes locking doors and windows, reporting any suspicious activity, and ensuring that all company assets are secure.

10. Review and Update Insurance Coverage

We will review your existing insurance policies to ensure they provide adequate coverage for potential security threats. This may include coverage for theft, weather damage, and business interruption. Contact us now to discuss any necessary adjustments or additional coverage options.

The holiday season is a time for relaxation and enjoyment, free from the worries of unforeseen incidents and insurance claims. That’s why we’re committed to investing the necessary time and resources to tailor a comprehensive risk management strategy specifically for your needs. By meticulously assessing potential risks and vulnerabilities within your operations, we can develop an effective insurance plan designed to minimize the likelihood of incidents and claims. Let us handle the complexities of risk management so that you can enjoy a worry-free holiday season knowing that you’re fully protected.