Claims 19 April 2024
Person on laptop. On laptop it says 'cyber security', with further quotations coming off of the laptop saying 'computer security', 'secure payment' and 'online privacy'.

In our latest case study, we explore the invaluable benefits of Cyber Insurance and Ransomware Insurance Coverage, shedding light on the critical role these policies play in safeguarding businesses against the growing threat of cybercrime.

The Attack

On Sunday night, a client faced a ransomware attack and promptly notified their insurer. The insurers incident response team sprang into action that same night after consulting with the client. The cyber-attack caused significant disruption to the client’s business operations, leading to over three weeks of downtime due to sensitive data theft.

The Solution

While many insurance policies typically stop covering business interruption once the cyber event concludes, the policy arranged by Anthony James and the insurer, offered a 12-month indemnity period that extended beyond the end of the attack. This crucial feature enabled the client to recover from the financial losses incurred during the three weeks of business interruption.

Why Work With Us?

At Anthony James, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to risk management, identifying and addressing potential threats before they escalate into full-blown crises. Our journey begins with expert risk assessments, where we meticulously analyze the unique vulnerabilities of each client’s business. Recognising cybercrime as a significant and evolving risk, we leverage our extensive network of insurers and strong industry relationships to craft tailored insurance programs designed to mitigate these threats effectively.

Get In Touch

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