Transport 22 November 2023
fleet and van protection for winter

In winter, safeguarding your fleet is crucial for seamless business operations and driver safety. Let’s explore the essential steps for protecting your vehicles in the cold season.

Keeping Batteries Warm

One of the most common issues during winter is the freezing of vehicle batteries. Cold temperatures can reduce their efficiency, leading to trouble starting your vehicle. To address this, consider using battery blankets or engine block heaters to keep your fleet’s batteries warm. This simple step can prevent costly delays and keep your vehicles running smoothly.

Relevant Breakdown Cover

Standard fleet insurance usually excludes breakdown cover. Know your breakdown provider, and confirm coverage includes jump-starts, towing, and minor repair assistance for easy access. Having the right breakdown cover minimises downtime, keeping your drivers on the move.

Planning Your Journey Ahead

Winter weather can be unpredictable, and road conditions may rapidly change. Encourage your drivers to plan their journeys ahead of time, considering weather forecasts and potential traffic delays. Avoiding high-risk routes can help prevent costly insurance claims.

Conduct Vehicle Inspection

Thoroughly inspect and audit each of your vehicles, focusing on essential and high-risk components such as the brakes, tyres, batteries, and headlights. Regularly inspecting your vehicle is part of an efficient risk management strategy and will prevent the likelihood of breakdowns.

Making Sure Your EVs Are Fully Charged

If your fleet includes electric vehicles (EVs), it’s crucial to ensure they are fully charged before heading out. Cold weather can reduce an EV’s range, so having a full battery is essential for maintaining efficient operations. Invest in EV charging infrastructure to keep your fleet ready for action.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are designed to offer better traction on icy or snow-covered roads. Equipping your vehicles with winter tyres can significantly improve safety and minimise the risk of accidents.

Emergency Kits

Equip each vehicle in your fleet with a winter emergency kit that includes essentials like blankets, extra clothing, non-perishable food, a first-aid kit, a flashlight, and tools for minor vehicle repairs. These kits can make a significant difference in keeping your drivers safe during cold-weather breakdowns.

Track Your Fleet

To help you act fast in case of an emergency, consider monitoring your fleet with GPS tracking and telematic systems. This will help provide valuable insights into your drivers and vehicles performance to enhance safety. Our partnership with Global Telemetrics means we can speed up the process of securing you top of the line tracking systems and services.

At Anthony James, our proactive approach ensures your fleet is safeguarded in adverse weather. It’s a testament to our commitment to keeping your business operational and on the move. Don’t wait until it’s too late — let us help prepare your fleet now to stay ahead of the cold.